SimNia_nD is still alive

Just found an old website I have made in flash in 2000 is still online. The content is a list of architecture projects made by me and two other friends. The design was all about memory already. How to keep trace of what projects you have seen? A very basic principle was used:

  • each project was represented by a small colourful rectangle in a row at the bottom
  • for each project that was activated, the small rectangle was copied in the top row.
  • by doing so, the user was always able to check what project he had seen.

One of the project is of particular interest:  “17. Metalib – GUI” check the pictures and the movie. The VRML link doesn’t work any more.

The website can be seen here at SimNia_nD.
(You will need flash player and other plugins inside to be able to see the full content.)


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