The Architectural Relevance of Gordon Pask

The delightful read of “The Architectural Relevance of Gordon Pask” reviewed by Usman Haque,  reminded me the excitement of some student project in architecture from the 90s.

I have to agree that Pask’s ideas are difficult to apply in the physical world for various reasons: materials limitations, physical constraints, social constraints (in case of different people in one space who’s most influence?), money… Now, lets take all this in the context of Mixed Reality (VR and AR) and even the sky is not a limit any more.  This is the perfect medium to simulate a real-time interaction between the user and his surroundings.

That said, Usman Haque has a few interesting projects applying those cybernetic principles into today’s actual urban life. This 20 minutes video gives us a good teaser of  just that.

IN PRAISE OF MESSY CITIES Tools for citizen empowerment – Usman Haque