Have you heard of StarVR?

In the world of high quality immersive VR experiences, so much is about the big names! With Oculus Rift starting the trend a few month ago, HTC Vive bringing the level up an inch (or two) with  touch controllers and room scale option and finally Sony just releasing his Playstation VR, the market is now open. For that matter, there are a few other smaller companies finding their niche working on some pretty exciting projects. Let’s have a look at one of them in today’s post.

Project StarVR, for instance, making their first go at VR in June 2011, game company Starbreeze is in a strong position to deliver high quality VR experience on the Steam platform, but not only that.

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Their specificity is to offer a wider field of view called Natural Panoramic. “At 210 degree the immersion is total” is their selling point. Coming end of the year with a 5K resolution, I am so  curious to try that one on! However, it seems that we will only try those headsets by going to the cinema or to special events. Not really a home based experience.

In the meantime, I will keep exploring!