Virtual Reality Arcade

Mentioned in an earlier post was the trendy  VR location-based experience or, to bring back a better word, VR Arcade. Don’t you miss those arcade video-games locations where we were meeting our friends or making new ones, and playing hard to get our name at the top of the scoreboard? Must be the reading of “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline that gives me this nostalgia of the 80s.  I would love to see that concept brought back to life to experience VR, AR and all the mixed reality coming along.

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Arcade from the 80s

Why is that the way forward? VR systems are still too expensive for the consumers to buy.  Furthermore, people don’t have enough room at home to really enjoy the full body natural interaction VR systems afford.  Plus, some VR games need specific gears and props that add to the cost. Socially,  experiencing VR  is an enjoyable event: either just by watching someone playing or by joining a team on a quest.  All these issues are being remedied by having a dedicated  VR space to hire.

French cinema company Mk2 proposes an unbeatable access to curated VR content in their dedicate space in Paris.  (mk2VR) They even have a flying simulator to support your body in flying mode.

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mk2VR Paris

The Void is building four locations worldwide as entertainment park for mixed reality experience.

China sees VR also as a huge entertainment destination.  They are making their own head-mounted displays to use in their new VR location-based experience known as SoReal Park.

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SoReal Park in China

On a smaller scale, London has a couple of VR Arcade destinations so far.  The dnaVR proudly announces to be the first London based VR experience. Early this year, we also heard about an OtherworldVRA, though, not sure what happened with this one. I know there is a game bar somewhere in Dalston that runs a couple of VR HMD as well. VRchampions, based in Harrow is not too far with their army of HTC vive VR experiences.

Vive is actually making developers or entrepreneurs lives as easy as can be by encouraging and supporting the community with the Viveport platform for developers on the one hand and the Viveport Arcade on the other.

Now that I am resident at the new Islington Youth Center Soapbox, in Old Street and have a dedicate VR cave,  starting a Virtual Reality Arcade sounds very attractive? What a way to create a double layer of new memories by going to a physical place before exploring virtual environments with your friends?