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XP02.1 – Lets do this in 3D

This a first draft of The ArchiMemory Gallery as a case study to learn the basic of Unity.

You need to run Unity Web Player.

XP02.1 (online 29/11/2013)

XP1.0 : Control Test, A Memory Card Game

Can you remember the sequence of 9 random given playing cards?

The next experiment is a very simple memory card game. Click on the deck of cards on the left to show the next card. Try to remember the sequence. There is no time limit but you can not go backward. After the ninth card, click on the next link to show up the nine cards in order. Then try to set them back in the right sequence. Once a card is dropped on a slot, you will not be able to move it again. Try as many time as you like by  hitting the  F5 key on Windows or  fn+F5 on Mac OS to update the page. Results are sent to a database. Your score will be shown at the bottom.

Thank you for your participation

XP1.0 Play Here