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Have you heard of StarVR?

In the world of high quality immersive VR experiences, so much is about the big names! With Oculus Rift starting the trend a few month ago, HTC Vive bringing the level up an inch (or two) with ┬átouch controllers and room scale option and finally Sony just releasing his Playstation VR, the market is now open. For that matter, there are a few other smaller companies finding their niche working on some pretty exciting projects. Let’s have a look at one of them in today’s post.

Project StarVR, for instance, making their first go at VR in June 2011, game company Starbreeze is in a strong position to deliver high quality VR experience on the Steam platform, but not only that.

Image result for star VR tech

Their specificity is to offer a wider field of view called Natural Panoramic. “At 210 degree the immersion is total” is their selling point. Coming end of the year with a 5K resolution, I am so ┬ácurious to try that one on! However, it seems that we will only try those headsets by going to the cinema or to special events. Not really a home based experience.

In the meantime, I will keep exploring!